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    him; and I soon understood (as I ought to have known at first) that

    honest eyes fire up, and sparkle, as if their depths were stirred by

    herself, turned round quickly


    sometimes had a nearer observation of them in the study or the

    everythink went contrary with her’

    lodger, for never having been asked by him for money I certainly

    arm, and Peggotty carrying another small box of ours, we turned

    influence of this delusion, she dived into the coal-cellar at the most

    too much of the best intentions going on

    commiseration for his faith in those who were treacherous to him,

    word to throw at a dog He couldn’t have thrown a word at a mad

    but she couldn’t hide it from Me!’

    as she supposed She also informed me that when I was dressed, I

    into a hall where there were all sorts of hats, caps, great-coats,

    down, how the sweeps got round it when they swept the chimney

    difficulty, ‘she hasn’t taken much to any companions here; she

    myself, for the asthma’

    ‘Oh what will you feel when you see this writing, and



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